“Youth Involvement” _European Solidarity Corps, Limassol, Cyprus

“Youth Involvement” is going to be an educational project using non formal methodology involving 3 young people at the age of 18-30 from 2 countries (1 volunteer from Greece, 2 volunteers from Italy). The project “Youth Involvement” is part of the Volunteering Activities under European Solidarity Corps, Round 1.

The project aims on promoting citizenship and democratic participation, cultivating European Identity and values, enhancing inclusion. Participants involved in this project will learn and increase their competences.

Specifically, in short term basis by working with marginalized young people and less privileged children empowering them to work together in a common project will cultivate their educational social and civic competence. Leaving the language barrier and focusing in ways to cooperate together with other activities like dancing, crafting, sports, music will improve their intercultural awareness.

By developing the creative and innovative potential of young people through non-formal learning volunteers with learn to deal with real problems and finding ways to overcome obstacles creating a sense of initiative and engagement on the project that will boost their self-esteem.

Taking part in decision making consultations, learn the process of reform policy papers and discussing on youth strategy will increase their motivation for further in engagement in solidarity activities and create a better awareness of the EU values as an EU citizen.

In addition, they will create their own projects on inclusion and democratic participation since KOKEN runs activities in the center of this theme. They will also be given the space and time to work on social media, promotional activities and awareness raising. All these achieved competences will increase their capacity long term to operate at an international level and ensure their transition to the labor market. These will effect positively a societal change by creating citizens that care to participate in democratic decisions.


Profile of the participants: We are looking for creative, multitasking young people who love youth work and volunteerism.

Group age: 18 – 30

Number of participants: 3 people (2 from Italy, 1 from Greece)

Place: Limassol, Cyprus

Dates and duration: 6 months, from May 6th to 2019 to November 5th 2019.

Financial: Accommodation is provided. A monthly allowance of 270 euros will be given to the volunteers.

Travel cost: We will cover the travel cost according to the Erasmus+ financial guides.

You may find more information in the info pack.


How to participate:

  1. Register first at European solidarity platform: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/cas/login?loginRequestId=ECAS_LR-11381480-fi46salgBkrUjRlJewyKsSzWEDBL3sJIkzp2EvCd5GdXh2zO3GzMDmQeg7kL6M5lCnHrejj46OGjW7AuTynA1IC-jpJZscgsw0KrxeEf5XzTps-apf7WLq0ExkGQdySqy7oSaU7ev3SpXp2Kd4pzXZZO8S
  2. Send your CV and a motivation letter at eirini.pavlou@cyprusyouth.org with the subject “Youth Involvement”


Application deadline 16th April 2019


Contact person: Eirini Pavlou

Address: P.O Box 28536, 2080 Nicosia, Cyprus

E-mail: eirini.pavlou@cyprusyouth.org

Tel.: +357 25 346640 Fax: +357 22321979




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