Youth Exchange- Bulgaria “European Youth Citizenship under construction”

The Experience

The project “European Youth Citizenship under construction” was a Youth Exchange that was implemented in Lyaskovets, Bulgaria by the Association “Youth for development of Lyaskovets”.

The countries participated in this project were Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Greece, Germany, Poland, and Romania.

The main objectives of the project were to:

– To increase the knowledge of participants in exchange for citizenship, its history, its relation to human rights and to promote techniques and methods for the inclusion of European citizenship in youth work;

– To share experiences and good practices and promote techniques and methods for the inclusion of European citizenship in youth work;

– In the context of European citizenship in order to expand the group of active young people and youth leaders familiar with the specifics.

– Use social networking and social media to attract the attention of young people in citizenship.

Here is what the Cypriot team that represented Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation has shared their experience:

Nikoletta Kourtelari, 21 years old

To me personally, this project of ERASMUS+ was my first exposure to multiculturalism. After a variety of experiential workshops, teamwork activities, living together with other people and active participation in order to create new suggestions for a better Europe, I must say that this Youth Exchange was just the beginning for me. The Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation gives the chance to young people to get to know Europe in a direct way and not only by visiting other European Countries but also by gathering the members of different communities who realize that what connects them is more than just a European identity. In that way, we realize that there is a great need for having a universal European attitude and that the vision of humanity is the base of this European universality.

Metaxia Kleanthous, 23 years old

Ι had a great experience during my first youth exchange program. The environment was great because all the participants had a nice mood and everyone was open to new experiences. I learned a lot of things about European Citizenship and what that term means to other cultures as well. The most important thing is that I made new friends who have the same dreams that I have. I can’t wait for my next participation at a European program. I would like to thank Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation for the opportunity that has offered me and as an active member of the Youth Club of Nikitari I would like to motivate the young people of my community to participate at such projects to obtain new experiences and knowledge that will help our community to develop and progress.

Stelios Liasides, 24 years old

Through this project, I had the chance to have new acquaintances and new friendships. Also, I got to know new cultures and meet the civilization of a European country. The topic of this Youth Exchange was really interesting and I have obtained more knowledge and practices regarding the European Citizenship. I truly appreciate that the Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation gave me this opportunity to represent the organization and participate in this project.

Panagiota Konstantinou, 22 years old

My participation at this Youth Exchange was very pleasant and beneficial experience for me. I have met new people, we exchange our experiences and opinions on a variety of topics and we also enjoyed our multicultural experience. I came to realize that we have more in common things and traditions than we tend to believe.

Also, I had the opportunity to get to know in more depth the culture and history of Bulgaria. This project combined fun and learning and with my other fellow participants, we had meaningful discussions about the beliefs of young people that determine their active participation or abstention. We have approached many topics such as what is European citizenship, how the European Institutions work and what are the chances that EU offers to us. I have also realized that I do not only have rights as a European citizen but I also have duties towards this institution and concept of the European citizenship.

I would like to thank Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation for this opportunity and I am looking forward to the next one.

Yiannis Kanaris, 27 years old

Α constructive journey and a great opportunity that the Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation gave to us in order to obtain new knowledge and friendships. We had the chance to meet two mayors and many town counselors in the context of the project “European Youth Citizenship under construction” and attend one of their debates related to the European citizenship. Also, as a representative of our team, I gave a speech myself in order to express our position regarding the needs of the young people in the context of the European citizenship and what European identity means to us.

With the Cypriot team, we presented our culture to our fellow participants and introduced to some of them the Cypriot political situation that exists in our country.

After the end of the project what I feel is that I have become more mature and broad-minded in terms of the European citizenship and I have obtained a new image on this matter.


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