Workshop on ESC and other EU opportunities

European Solidarity Corps and other youth opportunities, a workshop carried out by KOKEN’s ESC volunteers Anna and CecilOn the 19th of October 2019 Anna and Cecile,our European Solidarity Corps volunteers, implemented a workshop on ESC and other EU opportunities, held at Classic Hotel, Nicosia.
The aim was to explain the possibilities to the participants that exist within the programmes, to get a better understanding of the European Solidarity Corps programme and platform, to underline the importance of this experience and to understand how to get the most of the ESC experience once they go back to their own country.
The workshop was youth-led, with non formal education methods and the atmosphere was light and playful. A leaflet, which has derived by this workshop and a previous one, regarding ESC, will be printed and published. It is created by the young people, who share their personal quotes to positively promote mobility and voluntary activities in Cyprus, based on their EVS and ESC experience.

The ESC platform was presented, and attention was paid to the contests promoted and how young people can get involved. The participants were invited to simulate their participation in the two main contests active at the moment, which were photo and poem contest. A collection of pictures and poems occured, which were described by the participants and gave the initiation of a discussion, based on their Cyprus experience and what they are taking back home.

There was also a session about expectations that the participants had before coming to Cyprus and realities they faced and how this helped them towards personal and professional development. There were tips presented and discussed about projects, environment, motivation, work and how the youngsters could adapt to their situations.

Lastly, the issue of “returning back to the home country” was addressed. There was a dialogue on how to keep up, an international life after spending some time abroad and all the participants had the opportunity to share their knowledge and thoughts of what they aspire to do, after the end of their project and stay in Cyprus.

To close the day there was a wrap up dialogue and an evaluation, for which the participants shared what they liked, what could be improved and what their “take-aways” are from the workshop.

e. An activity, in the context of their ESC programme.

Young people from other organisations  joined to learn more about ESC and what to expect after going back home.

Pls find below a full guide of plenty opportunities and European programmes to explore

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