Training Course “Deal” in Tipperary, Ireland

Developing Entrepreneurial Abilities Laboratory II


Activity 1: Seminar, 29 June 2019 (arrival) – 05 July 2019 (departure)

Tipperary, Ireland

Activity 2: Training, 24 August 2019 (arrival) – 31 August 2019 (departure)

Florina, Greece


Description of the project:

Project DEAL – Developing Entrepreneurial Abilities Laboratory aims to gather youth workers, your leaders and youngsters with entrepreneurial spirit in order to empower young people and motivate them to find their passion in life and turn it into action.

We aim to create a safe learning environment where young people will be able to learn and experiment with ideas, methods, skills and tools bringing them closer to innovative entrepreneurship. Special emphasis will be given on developing their key competencies.

The project aims to ensure an entrepreneurial approach to solving social and environmental problems and to encourage and support the development of a new generation of social entrepreneurs.

This project consists of two interconnected activities; the first one being a seminar and the second one a training course. The concept relies on creating a solid basis for the participants in regards to social economy and social entrepreneurship, and then train these participants on practical tools and enhance the necessary competences engage in entrepreneurial processes.

ACTIVITY 1 – SEMINAR (5 working days + arrival/departure), Tipperary, Ireland

The seminar will allow us to create a solid basis in regards to social economy and social entrepreneurship. At this stage, we will explore the background and definitions social economy is, what a social business is and is not, identify different models of social businesses, show-case practices and assess success factors, invite keynote speakers from the academia but also the field to give intriguing, useful and critical input, and present a competency model for social entrepreneurship on which participants can assess themselves. Furthermore, we will address Erasmus + but also other funding opportunities for social business startups and for social entrepreneurship education. The seminar will give participants the necessary information and will allow them to go through a self-reflection to the extent of feeling ready and comfortable to move on to the second stage; activity 2 – training course.

ACTIVITY 2 – TRAINING (6 working days + arrival/departure), Florina, Greece

The training course will focus on giving participants the tools to create their own social business plan. This will take place through the presentation and practice of different relevant tools but also through workshops on particular key entrepreneurial competencies. The input, depending on the profile of the participants, their needs, learning preferences but also the dynamic of the group developed in the seminar might involve: Theory, Tools and Competencies.


Participants profile

  • Age of participants: No age limit
  • Highly motivated participants
  • Intermediate level of English language
  • Number of participants from Cyprus: 3


Food and Accommodation is free                     

Travel expenses up to € 530

For the 1st meeting in Tipperary, Ireland, 29 June 2019 (arrival) – 05 July 2019 (departure)

Travel expenses up to € 275

For the 2nd meeting in Florina, Greece, 24 August 2019 (arrival) – 31 August 2019


Deadline for application: 24 May 2019



Contact Person:

Evie Miltiadou

tel. 22323260



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