Opportunity for one Cypriot-Long term project in Portugal!

Project V.E.S.T.I.R. Volunteering, Involvement, Awareness Raising,
Transformation, Intervention, Responsibility

Project’s duration:

From 01.10.2019 to 31.08.2020

Place: Portugal (Viana do Castelo)

Description of the project:

The volunteer will develop, according to his/her competences/skills and knowledge, activities that fall within the existing departments of the Associação Juvenil de Deão (AJD). Thus the volunteer will be involved in supporting the Community School of the association, providing support to the monitors, and developing, under their guidance, the daily activities with children and young people (study time, arts, body language, science, computer, free time, etc.).

– The educational/recreational activities are developed in the Community School, a space where children, the youth and local people have Internet access and they can find books, newspapers, DVDs, games, etc.
The volunteer will receive adequate language training and he/she will contribute to the Newsletter “O Caroça” and to the blog, with the aim to report the experiences and activities that are being carried out by the association, conducting interviews and preparing texts. That will also help to improve his/her written and spoken Portuguese language.

– Two days per week the work will be carried out at the Agrupamento de Escolas de Arga e Lima, a partner entity of the AJD, which is a school attended by the children and the youth of the rural parishes. The volunteers will support the teachers in extra-curricular activities for the students.
One morning per week the volunteer will go to the Centro Social e Paroquial de Deão, where he/she will help on the
dynamisation of writing and reading workshops directed to illiterate elderly people.

– The volunteer will also have to inform and present the European Solidarity Corps, Erasmus+ Program and its
opportunities to other young people (including enhancing the benefits, rights and duties of EVS).
The volunteer will also accompany the AJD to meetings, seminars, assemblies, shows, etc., in particular those promoted by Animar – Portuguese Association for Local Development or by the National Federation of Youth Associations – FNAJ.

Participant’s profile:

Profile of the volunteers (each entity provides one of three):
1 – He/She must have interest and backward knowledge about communication design, web design, blogging and social media. It is also valuable to have good communication skills and will to organise events for the community.
2 – He/She must also have interest and will to work with children and young people. Showing interest in foreign cultures and having this experience at this stage in his/her life will help him/her to make decisions for the future, both in terms of employment and education/training.
3 – He/She must be interested in preserving the environment and know organic farming techniques. It is necessary to continue the project of the association’s community garden.

Age limit: 18 and 30 years old

Note: Food, accommodation and monthly pocket money are provided from the hosting organisation

Number of participants:

3 volunteers:1 from France,1 from Italy and 1 from Cyprus


For more info and applications send your Cv at come@cyprusyouth.org

Deadline 10 of August 2019

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