ONE DAY, DAY ONE_EVS project in Limassol_Testimorials

Elena Baro is the Italian volunteer that joined the European Voluntary Service Program-One-day Day. She participated in the European Voluntary program, from October until December 2018 in Cyprus youth club Organization –KOKEN –Limassol.

During this educational opportunity she cultivate various competences and skills concerning social and civic competences, improving her leadership skills and soft skills.  She implemented personal and organizational assignments on various topics concerning youth rights, assisting the organization with an ongoing project on sexual harassment etc.

She assisted Youth workers and youth centers in implementing their ideas with personal commitment and enthusiasm.

Elena says that “I appreciated the fact that thanks to the voluntary service I could experience something useful both for myself and for the skills that will be useful for sure for my career” “I learned how an NGO works, what kind of activities they do, what kind of organizational routine they follow in order to realize their plan. And it was nice to know that I was part of it for a while”

In conclusion, she clarifies that she “will keep going on working to support the European project and values”

Thanks Elena for your support in Cyprus Youth Club Organization –KOKEN Limassol.



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