Mid-term evaluation training experience, by our ESC volunteers

The four European Solidarity Corps volunteers of our organisation Anna and Cecile from Alice and Dario attended the mid-term evaluation training, at Nicosia at the Europa plaza hotel from the 9th till the 13th of September.

Together with the other volunteers coming from other organisations in Cyprus, they participated to activities supervised by the trainer Elias Mastoras.

All the activities were focused on what they learned in this months and how they can spend in the future this experiences.

They played altogether some activities to have the possibility to get know better the other participants, to create bonds and collaboration.

They spoke about the Youth Pass that is a certificate released at the end of the project that assess the competences acquired and how those could be useful in the future.

They create divide or the promotion of the European Solidarity Corp program and the trainer underline the opportunities every volunteer will have after the end of the Esc (such as the participation in trainings and youth exchanges).

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