Living with the media: Sense and Sensibility – Youth Exchange in Larnaca

Presentation of the project

The “Living with the media: Sense and Sensibility”, a Youth Exchange programme aimed at raising awareness regarding media usage. It took place in Larnaca from the 2nd to the 9th of April 2017 and was hosted by the Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation (KOKEN).

35 participants (4 participants and one group leader per country) represented 6 different associations:

KOKEN (Cyprus), NEANIKI EKSELIXI 18- Greece, TeamYouNet- Italy, Donum Animus- Latvia, AsociatiaTinerilorActivi Civic- Romania, MladiiTalentovani-MiT– Serbia,  Association of Educational Programmes Open Europe- Spain

The objectives of the project were to:

  • Understand how media messages shape our culture and society;
  • Develop critical thinking regarding the information they received through the media;
  • Explore the possibilities & the threads of media usage;
  • Promote active participation in media-related activities;
  • Share their personal experiences from media usage and to
  • Identify similarities & differences in practices used in different European countries in terms of Media Literacy.

Main activities

All the activities were based on non- formal education methods and consisted of energizers, team building activities, brainstorming, team discussions, group work, video making and presentations.

Most of the activities were held indoors but some activities took place outdoors to give the opportunity to the participants to come into contact with the locals and get some more practical insights.The daily activities, as well as the energizers´ context, differed day by day, depending on the theme of the day.

The evaluation of the activities was an ongoing process. Small reflection groups were formed and participants could share their thoughts about the activities and the content, and propose possible improvements. The final evaluation took place the last day when they were able to assess their overall experienceand views about the project.


On the day of arrival, all participants were welcomed by the organizers and introduced to one another with some name games and non- formal activities.

On the first day, the schedule started with energizers, icebreakers and some more name games, so that all participants get the chance to become familiar with each other. Afterwards, the ERASMUS+ Programme, its aims and the description of the Youth Exchange were presented.They were also given information about the opportunities that it offers to the youth and how people can benefit.
The participants shared their fears and expectations regarding the programme and wrote them on a flip chart, along with the rules that were set through discussion with the participants and the group leaders. In the afternoon, team building activities were held to make people work together as a team and learn how to reach the goals set for this project. Following the participants got to know KOKEN, its role and function.

On the second day, the participants concentrated on media’s role in different countries and how people can distinguish the fact from the opinion .A presentation of Youthpass followed and its eight key competences were explained. At night, an intercultural dinner was held where the participants presented their countries and cultures and prepared traditional dishes from their countries.

The third day included a visit to Nicosia and to the “Cyprus Community Media Center (CCMC)”.There, they were able to meet people who work for the radio, to learn how radio transmissions are broadcasted and how people can start getting involved. After returning from Nicosia, the participants watched a movie related to the Media which showed how they can influence people’s life and behavior.

The following days the programme included visits to Cypriot artists’ galleries, photography studios, cafe and others. The participants had the chance to visit local artists and discuss with them their interests, their inspiration sources and what they want to express through their works. They also attended a protest for the immediate movement of the oil tanks at the port of Larnaca where they met the mayor of Larnaca and got the chance to understand how media work in such situations as well.

The final task was a short project which included a presentation, videos and interviews taken by the local people of Larnaca. The participants worked in teams and divided responsibilities and duties. That way they became journalists themselves and tried to approach locals and record their stories. The last two days they presented their work to the others, explained the process that they followed and got feedback.

Finally, the participants, together with their trainers, had the chance to reflect on their personal development during this Youth Exchange by drawing a chart containing the main skills they have improved and the ones they want to improve in the future.

You may find the videos and results of this projects following the links of the Facebook page the participants created and KOKEN’s YouTube channel were the videos were added.

Facebook page:

YouTube channel:


The participants acquired communication skills, social skills, self-confidence, better knowledge of the field and enhancement of their creativity skills. They improved time management, team work and speaking in public.

Therefore, through various interactive activities based on non-formal education methods the projectobtained a more social character and the participants learnt how to work as a team, share their opinions and ideas in a democratic way and become open-minded.

The project helped them to gain information and raised their awareness on how the Media affect our society, our life and what is people’s attitude to them and how they use facts and opinions that are presented. This provided them with the basic tools for adopting a more critical attitude and reflecting before forming their views on various matters.

A Youthpass certificate was issued for each participant and leader involved in this Youth Exchange.

The use of Youthpass was of great importance, because it gave the opportunity to the participants to outline their own learning outcomes and contribution to the project.

During a specific session at the beginning of the activity all the participants were introduced to the importance and the procedures of Youthpass and the last day of the activity they had time to describe the skills and competences that they believed they developed through the project and to fill-in their Youthpasses.


Final evaluation.










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