“Let’s go 4 Games”- Training Course- The Netherlands- The Experience

The Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation- KOKEN through its European partnerships gave the opportunity to 2 youth workers, Eleni and Spyros to participate at the Training Course “Let’s go 4 Games” that took place on 5-13 March 2018 in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

Here you may find more about their experience:

“Let’s Go 4 Games!’ was an Erasmus+ Project in which 29 youth workers from 14 European countries have participated and it was organised by WOW Go Amsterdam in Uitdam, in Netherlands. The general idea of ​​this project was to make a positive contribution to the quality of youth work (by developing the competences of youth workers) in order to use games as an effective tool for non-formal education, inclusion and promotion of changes in society as well as an effective tool for personal and social development.

Also, this exchange program-short placement was a great chance to see how living in Netherlands feels and learnt some things about the unique culture of this country and some Dutch. We met a lot of people and we created new friendships and partnerships. We felt like a big multicultural family. In addition, the behavior of our instructors (Antonio & Ieva) was impeccable. They did their best and we have no regretted it at all.

Overall, it was an amazing programme and I will never forget it!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I definitely recommend it. And of course, I would love to participate again in this kind of projects!

Thank you very much Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation for everything!!!”

Spyros Koutis

“Over the last ten days, I have been participating in a training course in the Netherlands under the umbrella of Erasmus+ project. It was based on non-formal education method and its subject was “Let’s go for games”. The project basically aimed at introducing games and interactive activities in education by youth workers; in order to develop values such as empathy, trust, respect, and understanding. In addition, it aimed at promoting inclusion in our societies.

I had the chance to meet people from other countries, get to know their culture, languages, and stories. I experienced life in The Netherlands through the hospitality of the local organization and through the exploration of the cities.

It was such an amazing experience! I would love to participate again in this kind of projects! I recommend everyone to get involved in this kind of exchanges/projects.

Thank you for the opportunity and entrust!”

Eleni Xenofontos




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