Learn everything you need to know about Cyprus -The guide!

The guide was prepared by our EVS volunteer Esther Krawczyk during the program “185 Days of Memories” and it is written in 3 language: English, French and Spanish.

“185 Days of Memories” was a European Voluntary Service project took place in Nicosia (Cyprus) from 10/2018 until 08/04/2019 at the Cyprus Youth Clubs Organization.

It was an educational project aimed in disseminate the European values among the youth of Cyprus and encourage the active youth participation and citizenship at local, national and international levels.

‘’This document has been created in order to offer a general knowledge on Cyprus. All along the reading of the 29 pages, you may find information on various subjects that will make you understand why Cyprus is a so particular Island.’’

Project realized as a personal project as part of the European Voluntary Service « 185 days of memories »

Esther Krawczyk

Download the guide here:

English version


Spanish version


French version



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