“International Snowfall”- Short Term European Voluntary Service (EVS)- The Experience

The Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation- KOKEN through its network and cooperations gives the opportunity to many young people from Cyprus to participate in European Programmes across Europe.

A lively example is the participation of Chariclia Italou and Louiza Avraam, two Cypriot girls at the age of 27 and 18 from Larnaca who have spent 1 month in Latvia as a part of the European Voluntary Service (EVS). They have had the chance to work at the local youth center in Vecpiebalga county, Latvia, and to obtain not only new skills but also to build new friendships and meet people from all over Europe.

At the youth center, they were organizing many intercultural events and activities for the local youth of Vecpiebalga. Workshops, international evenings, sharing information about the project and organizing in cooperation with the other volunteers a talent show.

Working together with other volunteers from different countries is what they especially enjoy.



As Chariclia and Louiza shared with us: “Finding words to describe it is a difficult task. The emotions are so strong and intense. We now understand why the idea of Erasmus+ has to be spread so more young people will have the opportunity to participate in such projects. Many people from many nationalities, educational and cultural backgrounds, habits, beliefs, and civilizations. The experience is unique! We admit that we got addicted to it”. 




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