‘’If everybody wants to be young / it’s time to take youth serious’’ – The experience

The project took place between 8-17 of December 2018, organized by Loesje organization and financed by The Erasmus + program.
The participants had the opportunity to experience how to use Virtual Reality (VR) and how to create and design any environment within this.

Participant’s testimorials:
‘’We were taught about scripting and filming. We started with the scripting in several groups, preparing the whole scenario and then we continue with the filming. The pain purpose of filming was to make a video for VR, as a result this would have an impact to people. This filming was modified by the trainer.
Additionally, we discover a lot of graphic tools, particularly, how to create polls, votes, animated CV, electronic magazines and others. Last but not least, the subject that caught our impression were the posters by Loesje organization. Groups of 5-6 individuals were sitting together writing and creating posters with main aim to reflect the current world issues and the concerns in order to let the reader think, act and react on the topic the texts are referring to.

”Τhe training course offers a multicultural experience and the creative process has extended our way of thinking. Additionally it was a very well organized and thoughtful course in every detail. What I hold from the members of  Loesje organization group except the fact that all of them are very professional is the contagiousness with which they have given knowledge to people whom they do not know about digital and design tools.”

Valentinos Yiangou , Marina Papageorgiou


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