Do you want to contribute to better recognition of the youth worker?This survey is for you!

Are you a youth information worker, a youth worker or a youth stakeholder? Do you want to contribute to better recognition of the youth worker and/or youth information worker occupations in Europe?

This survey is for you!

ESCO is the European multilingual database on Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations run by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.

Offering a common language and ensuring a better recognition of occupations and skills across Europe is at the core of ESCO. It provides a database of occupations which contains the occupation of a youth worker but not of a youth information worker. The titles provided in the various languages of a youth worker are also diverse and could be more coherent.

The aim of this survey is to clarify the occupation of a youth worker and to add a specific occupation of a youth information worker in ESCO. 

Indeed, ESCO is regularly updated to take into account professional developments as well as inputs from the field. Eurodesk, ERYICA, Salto Training and Cooperation Resource Centre and the EU-Council of Europe youth partnership, have decided to join forces in order to consult broadly youth stakeholders from all over Europe to get their inputs on both occupations to improve the content of ESCO.

Please fill in this survey before the 31st of November at the following link and on the right hand side you will find it in all the EU languages:!


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