“Discrimination/ A Rainbow without colors”- Training Course- Germany- The Experience

The Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation- KOKEN having a long- term cooperation with the organisation Loesje Berlin, gave the opportunity to 3 young youth workers to participate at the training course “Discrimination/ A Rainbow without colors” that took place on the 24th of February until the 3rd of March, in Berlin, in Germany.

The project aimed on exploring the roots and reasons for discriminatory behaviors and to offer different tools and methods (online and offline) to the youth workers and educators for increasing youth participation and support the inclusion of the marginalized youth.

Find out some more about the participants experience:

“Berlin, not a fan personally, however the topic of this project was the ticket that got me there.

“Discrimination, a rainbow without colors”, was a very well organized, planned, coherent, fun and coordinated training course aimed to meet and deliver all the aspects of how discrimination exists nowadays. It helped us to identify various forms of discrimination and tried to provide us with useful strategies and methods to respond to the challenges faced. The most important conclusion aroused from this program, was team building through sharing and working together for a common purpose. If youngsters have the knowledge to face today’s discrimination challenges, then they ultimately have the power to change the course of the status. By using the most powerful weapon, meaning the social media, we can accomplish a lot. Let us not forget that trying is free. Thank you KOKEN for this opportunity.”

Laoura Phylactou

“My experience during this Loesje Training Course could not be any better and more adaptable to the current society’s situation. The participating countries maintained a good example of discriminative societies or they are currently facing issues related to the subject. The stage was given also to Palestine to address some of their daily challenges related to human rights and elimination of movement. Poverty, gender inequality, refugee crisis and hate speech were some of our main points of discussion. During brainstorming sessions, I felt even more motivated to make this world a better place for humanity to live in. Getting back home, full with hopes and setting up new goals, I feel ready to implement some of the ideas we have discussed during the training. Organisers and facilitators had the knowledge, skills and ambition – which is the most important part to give us the tackle for discussion and questioning about our daily issues. This training was an ERASMUS+ project  using Non Formal Education tools, engaging us to production, always stick to the time frame and encouraging us to keep up working. We also had the chance to discuss with migrants and refugees about their experience crossing borders and risk their life on a daily basis. Surely, it is an unforgettable experience, out of my comfort zone.

I would like to thank Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation for this opportunity.”

Antria Savva

“Hello, I’m Maria from Paphos and I was one of the participants at the projects “Discrimination Without Colors” which took place in Berlin,Germany in February/ March.

Firstly, I would like to say that I am thankful for the amazing opportunity that was given to me to be a participant in this unique project. The trainers had a lot of experience and knowledge. They were next to us as well.

Is truth,humanity cannot not change in a day; however, we can start doing small steps working with our self. Then world is gonna be better .
In addition, I had the opportunity to explore the Berlin and meet new people from other cultures. This experience was helpful to break my stereotypes an become more open minded.”
Maria Christou


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