Young Leaders

Citizen engagement and right to participation were often overlooked across Europe- the constant socio-political changes of the last two years, as well as the health restrictions and measures to prevent the spread of COVID19 enhanced the phenomenon, and nationalistic movements moved up in the polls in most European countries. The lack of stability and trust in the government is affecting society in ways we are still researching, and the most affected groups are children and youth. According to “The Pandemic scar on young people: The social, economic and mental health impact of COVID-19 on young people in Europe, developed by the European Youth Forum, with answers from more than 4500 young people all across Europe in 2021, nearly one in five young people who are not in education, employment or training experience discrimination when looking for work, Young people in marginalised situations were more than twice as likely to have stopped working than other young people and around three-quarters of students in marginalised situations believed that they were learning significantly less or slightly less as a result of the pandemic. The lack of social interaction and the possibility to develop social links and connections looks like it will affect children and youth throughout their lives. The projects’ scope is to support youth democratic and civic engagement and to reinforce the importance of citizen involvement and representation in the European decision making process, especially the underserved groups, as a contribution to raising awareness and empowering citizens to make informed decisions by helping them identify disinformation and promoting?./’ citizen engagement in the 2024 European Parliament election.

The work packages proposed are aligned with the general objective of the call and with the Strategy to strengthen the application of the EU Charter of the Fundamental Rights 2020-2030, focusing on the pillars connected to empowering civil society organisations.



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