“DEAL II – Developing Entrepreneurial Abilities Laboratoty”_Participant’s experience

After a seminar in Maynooth, Ireland, we had the opportunity to take part in a training course in Florina, Greece, on 24-31 August 2019, entitle “DEAL II, Developing Entrepreneurial Abilities Laboratory”.

The project aimed to equip youth workers, and young people that are involved or plan to be involved in social entrepreneurship with the necessary tools and competences regarding social entrepreneurship.

The training course was full of activities, tools and experiences about Social Economy. We learned how to create our own social business plan and at the end we created and presented our social enterprise to potential “investors”. The business tools we learned are useful not only to create business plans, but also to manage daily problems and several issues we often face through our youth work.

A very interesting part of the project was the visit to the Prespa Lake, where we saw in practice what a social entrepreneurship is. After hiking a mountain we arrive to a “beach” of the lake, where we collect plastic bottles which people threw away at all the sites of the lake. The bottles will be recycled in order to create an ecological boat from recycled plastic. In conclusion, this social enterprise provides hiking guide, accommodation, agrotourism activities and a site project that is the creation of the ecological boat.

For us, it was the first motivation project we took part and was an amazing life experience. We met people from 9 different countries, we worked together and shared our experiences about youth work in our countries.

Thank you all guys for this great experience.

Many thanks to our trainers and to the Active Youths OENEF – Florina for the hospitality and all thinks we gave these days.

Many thanks to our organization, KOKEN, for the opportunity to take part in this project.

We highly recommended to all youngsters to take part to such projects and take advantage of such opportunities.


Maria Christoforou

Aggelos Nikolaou

Anna Charalampous

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