Call for Partners – “PUT YOURSELF IN THEIR SHOES: Walk with the Refugees”- Youth Exchange

This Youth Exchange will give the opportunity to young people to share their knowledge and reflect on Refugee Crisis, a phenomenon which is extremely crucial for today’s society. As the world faces a global displacement record, the need to cooperate in order to promote active citizenship and enhance sustainable solutions is more and more urgent, especially in Europe.

After a first introduction to refugee crisis causes and dimensions, the different reactions of several European countries towards this matter will be discussed. The influence media has on public opinion while reporting news will also be a topic of interest.

Objectives of the project:

– Increase the empathy of the participants towards the refugee issue and populations

– Explore the dimensions of refugee crisis, within the framework of human rights and legal recognition

– Work on ideas for local and international volunteering and educational initiatives to tackle the refugee crisis

– Give participants the space to share good practices and personal experiences

Background of the project: During 2015 global forced displacement hit a record high: 65.3 million people were displaced, on average 24 people were forced to flee their country every minute. Cooperation among countries to face the refugee crisis is a European Union priority and a global responsibility. One of the aims of the 2016-2020 European strategy is to promote youth work, non-formal learning activities and volunteering in order to address the needs of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants and/ or increase awareness about this issue within local communities. It is also a priority of the National Agency Erasmus+/ Youth in Action of Cyprus for 2016. It is crucial to support the young people to develop a critical view on the refugee crisis. This way the young people will become equipped to take action in their local realities.


Profile of the participants: Young people, volunteers, group leaders, youth workers.

Number of participants:Teams of 5 people. We encourage organisations to participate with 4 people (18- 30 years old) and 1 youth leader per group (no age limit).

Place: Cyprus (city to be confirmed)

Dates and duration: 5- 12 of March 2017, 6 full days plus 2 days for travelling.

Contact person: Theognosia Petrou

P.O. Box: 28536, 2080 Nicosia


Tel.: +357 22323260 Fax: +357 22321979

Cost: Food and accommodation is FREE. Participants will be reimbursed for the travel cost on display of their boarding passes.

Travel cost: we will cover the exact amount of your travel cost according to the receipts you will provide as long as it is not more than the amount foreseen by the European Commission. You can calculate the travel cost using the distance calculator supported by the European Commission

You will need to keep the receipts and the boarding passes.

Participation fee: €20.

Safety & Insurance: a responsibility of the participants (European Health Card and/or other insurance).

For more information you can also visit: 

How to participate: Send us the mandate (signed and scanned) and the Applicant ID form at with the subject: “PUT YOURSELF IN THEIR SHOES_name of your country”.


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