‘If tomorrow was a verb/let’s tomorrow now” – The experience


Training course for youth workers and educators on importance of human rights education and anti-discrimination.

04 – 13 February 2019
Berlin, Germany

The experience!

”If tomorrow is a verb, lets tomorrow now”, was a great workshop based on human rights, anthropocentric i would say, as everything we did was based on the human itself. It was a great opportunity for me as i met people from around the world with different cultural backgrounds and stories. In this way, one can understand that there is no ‘normal’ in the way of life. What is normal for me is very strange for someone else and vise versa. I loved the fact that we all live together as one and that we created our own digital campaign. We shared stories, feelings and thoughts, and created strong friendships. I learned so many new things  in so little time and i would recommend such workshops to everyone! Thanks for the opportunity.

Stavros christofi


Training – ‘If tomorrow was a verb/let’s tomorrow now’

What can you see in this photo? Some people smiling.. But are we smiling because we are posing for the photo? The truth is that we are smiling because we feel full after 10 days of sessions in Berlin. We are smiling because we are blessed to meet people with different backgrounds and discuss with them about human rights and discrimination. And last but not least, we are smiling because we feel motivated and inspired to continue this project by running the campaign ‘the right moment’, a campaign that fights for human rights.’

This training course was implemented by loesje international under the Erasmus + Program.

Meropi Zymaride



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