“Tackle Obstacles with NFE” Scilla, Reggio Calabria 22nd – 29th March 2019

“Tackle Obstacles with NFE”  Scilla, Reggio Calabria 22nd – 29th March 2019


Location: Scilla/Reggio Calabria, Italy

Participants: 2 per country

Countries: Italy, Poland, France, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Spain, Romania, Cyprus, Croatia, Greece


Summary of project:

“Tackle obstacles with NFE” is a training course for youth workers and trainers in the non-formal education framework who are dealing with young people with fewer opportunities and marginalization. The project has, as a main goal, to concretely forge activities, propose actions and boost the improvement of youth work in the framework of social inclusion.

The objectives of our Training Course are designed to:

– Achieve common understanding of NFE and inclusion and how we, as youth workers, can contribute to support young people at risk of social exclusion

– Discuss and understand how EU social inclusion and innovation policies influence our countries, how do we work within this framework and what youth work could boost in social inclusion

– Explore and encourage experiential learning and holist approach as a formula for elaborating more activities and strategies for inclusion of youth

– Analyze the needs of those young people who are socially excluded in a way to seek for improvement and solutions for a more inclusive and cohesed  Europe

– Share knowledge, best practices and experiences about inclusion/exclusion of our countries

– Learn how we can use “Erasmus+ Youth in Action” Programme for inclusion in society and to develop mutual projects and actions.


The participants will be recruited with the following criteria and requirements:

– Age above 18

– To be active youth workers willing to apply and multiply the knowledge received during the training course

Travel reimbursement

The project is financed by The Erasmus + program. The travel ticket must not exceed the amount of 275 euros. The participants individually cover the amount of the ticket and the hosting organization will proceed to a refund. Please keep the boarding passes and receipts of any other forms of transportation will be use during the travelling days .


Application deadline 26th of February 2019



All participants and guests will be hosted at the following location:

Miramare Grand Youth Hostel Scilla

Contrada Pacì, snc 89058 – Scilla (Reggio Calabria)


Application Deadline until 25/02/2019



For any queries contact:

Eirini Pavlou

Telephone: 25346650

Email: eirini.pavlou@cyprusyouth.org

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