“Be the change you wish to see in the world”- European Voluntary Service

Presentation of the project

Young people can always be a valuable part of an organization; especially when it comes to new ideas and practices. Through this program, volunteers had the chance to be involved with young people from urban and rural areas as well as learning more about our organization and its actions. They were able to offer their knowledge and experience making a difference in our world and at the same time, they improved their personal and professional skills.

Profile of the participants: 3 young volunteers, 2 from Greece and 1 from Italy

Project type: Erasmus+ Key Action 1. Mobility of Young People. European Voluntary Service.

Partners:            Greece- Praxis http://www.praksis.gr/en

Italy- YouNet http://www.you-net.eu/

Main Activities

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” was an educational project clearly aiming at disseminating certain skills and awareness about Youth Work among the members of the Youth Clubs.

The volunteers supported local volunteers who are familiar with the specific local needs, such as youth leaders and young volunteers.

Volunteers were gathering European documentation and they were producing informational material.

They were also supporting the European Projects & International Relations Coordinator in certain tasks as database update, communication, events, implementation of educational programs, helping youth clubs in partners search, facilitating events, promoting Erasmus+, promoting the EU values, key priorities and opportunities.

Given that young people can easily understand complicated messages if the messenger is a young person, the project was based on the participatory approach of peer-to-peer education.

The volunteers were receiving mentoring from the European Projects & International Relations Coordinator of the KOKEN. At the end of their service, they will receive a Youthpass certificate and recommendation letter (s).


The volunteers have created a blog when they share their everyday life experiences. You can visit their blog at the link: https://ourevsworld.wordpress.com/



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