Call for participant- “Action in Associativism”- European Volunteering Activity- Portugal

The Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation- KOKEN gives the opportunity to 1 young person (18- 30 years old) to participate at the European Volunteering Activity in Portugal at the organisation Associação Juvenil de Deão (AJD) in Viana do Castelo from 15/10/2018 to 14/09/2019. 


The volunteer will develop, according to his/her competences/skills and knowledge, activities that fall within the existing departments of the Associação Juvenil de Deão (AJD). Thus the volunteer will be involved in supporting the Community School of the association, providing support to the monitors, and developing, under their guidance, the daily activities with children and young people (study time, arts, body language, science, computer, free time, etc.). The educational/recreational activities are developed in the Community School, a space where children, the youth and local people have Internet access and they can find books, newspapers, DVDs, games, etc.

The volunteer will be directly connected to the association social media, giving support on the implementation of
strategies to improve the internal and external communication of the AJD, contributing to the media literacy and helping on the organisation of promotional material and activities.



The travel expenses are covered by the project.

Accommodation is FREE.

The AJD provides meals for the volunteer.
The host/coordinating organisation will also provide monthly subsidy (pocket money).

The host organisation will ensure that volunteer have a free language training throughout the whole service.


The association will give the volunteer an opportunity to develop a specific set of tasks, enhancing their creativity while also allowing some of his/her ideas or experiences to be integrated.

Apply by sending your CV at  until the 6th of October.

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