2nd Generation of KOKEN Volunteers – ”Make it Happen” – European Voluntary Service (EVS)- The end

“Make it Happen” was a European Voluntary Service project aimed on improving the personal and professional skills of young people.

The project took place in Limassol (Cyprus) from 11th of April 2018 to 10th of October 2018, 6 months by the Cyprus Youth Clubs Organization- KOKEN.

“Make it Happen” was an educational project clearly aimed at disseminating certain skills and awareness about Youth Work among the members of the Youth Clubs. This project played an important role in the dissemination of the European values among the youth of Cyprus.

The goals of this project were to give young people the chance to be involved with volunteerism and active citizenship. They had the opportunity to offer their knowledge and experience and at the same time they improved their personal and professional skills.

ΚΟΚΕΝ hosted 3 EVS volunteers: Carmine Antonio Campanelli, Maria Tzogka, Miriam Del Pozzo




The volunteers supported KOKEN in its activities, campaigns for 2018 and assisted the youth workers and the volunteers in administrative duties, organizing events and promoting EVS.

They also fulfilled a personal project such as dancing lessons and drawing projects for the office walls!



Find some of their outcomes below:

On their personal blog: https://carmineantonio.wordpress.com/

Instagram: evsmakeithappen

Facebook: Make it Happen

We would like to thank our volunteers for their contribution and they great outcomes they have created for our organisation and the next generations of volunteers to follow.



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