2nd Generation of KOKEN volunteers- “Life with Meaning”- European Voluntary Service (EVS)

Presentation of the European Voluntary Service program in the Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation- KOKEN

The ERASMUS+ is the European Unionʼ s programme that is supported by the Director General of Education, Training, Youth, and Sports.
The European Voluntary Service (EVS) is a European project under the ERASMUS+ programme and this year EVS programme celebrates 20 years of action.
The main aim of the EVS programme is to introduce to the young people at the age of 17 to 30 into a new world where they can actively contribute to different cultural and professional backgrounds.
KOKEN has already implemented many projects under the European Voluntary Service with great success.

“Life with meaning”

“Life with meaning” is an educational project clearly aiming at disseminating certain skills and awareness about Youth Work among the members of the Youth Clubs.
Through this program, the volunteers have the chance to be involved with young people from urban and rural areas as well as learning more about our organization and its actions. They are going to be able to offer their knowledge and experience making a difference in our world and at the same time they improve their personal and professional skills.

The EVS volunteers of KOKEN

The EVS volunteers of KOKEN:

– France : Eurocircle Rhône Alpes http://www.assofenetres.com/
– Germany : Eurocircle Deutschland http://www.eurocircle.de
– Greece : Praxis http://www.praksis.gr/en

By the end of October, all EVS volunteers were together.
Here are some information about them:

– Maria Kechagioglou is 24 years old. She is from Greece and she has a background in Political Sciences and History. She is currently enhancing her skills in cultural management.
– Finn Wellershaus is 18 years old and he is coming from Germany. He has an interest in Information Technology (IT) and music.
– Prisca Assana is 20 years old. She is from France and she recently graduated from Economic Administration Science department. She enjoys photography.
– Last but not least, Kostas Karyotis is 26 years old from Greece. He has a background in Mathematics and great experience in developing computer programmes.

Activities and duties of the EVS volunteers at KOKEN

The EVS volunteers of KOKEN help the European Projects Manager (Theognosia Petrou) in planning and implementing a variety of events, educational programmes and seminars. Also, they assist in certain tasks as database update and communication.
In addition, they have created a blog page where they share their experiences, visits, activities and many more and update it regularly.
The EVS volunteers have visited many Youth Clubs since they are here like Lefkara, Kyperounta, Agros and Agios Amvrosios.
During their visits at the Youth Clubs and in other social activities, they have met young people from other Youth Clubs as well like Liopetri, Tembria, Nikitari, Kakopetria, Mitsero and the Hearing Loss Youth Clubs.

Europen Projects

1. “On-arrival training” by the National Agency of ERASMUS+ in Cyprus, 4th- 8th of November 2016, Nicosia, Cyprus.
The aim of this training was to introduce the hosting country and the projects’ environment, to incoming volunteers and to empower them so that they cope with the challenges that occured during their stay and activation.

The Objectives were:

– To get to know each other but also to get acquainted with other actors related to the EVS programme in Cyprus (National Agency, trainers)
– To bring volunteers in a primary contact with cultural characteristics of Cyprus.
– To create an “informal” volunteers’ network that constituted a means for mutual support and exchange of experience during their project.
– To foster communication skills so that integration of the volunteers in the local community is accelerated and the odds of success of the project are increased. These skills are related to the topics: language training, – interculturality and conflict resolution.
– To provide participants with space and support for reflection on their future as volunteers (but also, in general) and, as well, for the setting up of an “action plan” as a “compass” for the results that are sought after by each individual.
– To exchange “first” experiences with regards to the volunteers’ hosting projects. The EVS volunteers of KOKEN had the opportunity to present the organisation during this training and to communicate their achievements and duties to the rest of the participants












2. “Break the chains- Stop Human Trafficking”, Youth exchange by KOKEN, 12th- 19th of November, Paralimni, Cyprus.

“Break the chains- Stop Human Trafficking” was a Youth Exchange aiming at providing young people with useful terminology related to Human Trafficking, create awareness and motivate young people to act upon this matter.
The participants worked together with the use of non-formal education to achieve the following specific objectives of the Youth exchange:

– Raise awareness and form an understanding of human trafficking among youth;
– Create an understanding of mechanisms and forms of human trafficking;
– Informe how young people can protect their rights and help others in everyday life;
–  Share the perspectives of different countries, as well as to form an understanding of the transnational dimension of human trafficking;
– Involve various stakeholders which work on prevention of human trafficking in communication with youth;
– Forme a base for young people to raise awareness of their peers in local communities under a coordinated international campaign;
– Enhance the cooperation between organizations either these are youth organizations and/or social, political movements.

For more information about the Youth Exchange, look here.

The EVS volunteers of KOKEN where of great help during this activity and they contributed not only in the content but also in practical ways by assisting the European Projects Manager of KOKEN on whatever was needed.
If you want to learn more about their experiences, work, and visits in Cyprus you may follow their blog at https://lifewithmeaningblog.wordpress.com

We are happy that the team is now complete and to have them here as a part of KOKEN’s team.





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