«Make it Happen»- 2nd Generation of European Voluntary Service volunteers- KOKEN Limassol

«Make it Happen» is a European Voluntary Service (EVS) project under the ERASMUS+ Programme taking place in Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation- KOKEN offices in Limassol from April to October 2018.

Presentation of the Project

The voluntary service «Make it Happen», aims at disseminating certain skills and awareness about Youth Work among the members of the Youth Clubs.

Young people can always be a valuable part of an organization, especially when it comes to new ideas and practices.Through this program the volunteers will have the chance to be involved with young people from urban and rural areas as well as learning more about the organization and its actions. They are going to offer their knowledge and experience making and give a hand wherever is needed. At the same time they will improve their personal and professional skills.

Profile of the Participants

3 young volunteers, 2 from Italy and 1 from Greece consist the current team at KOKEN offices in Limassol.

Miriam del Pozzo comes from Italy and she has a degree in Communication Science. She also holds a diploma in Classic Ballet and she is interested in studying the structure of the international organizations.

Antonio Carmine Campaneli comes from Italy. He graduated in the field of Economic Policy in International Cooperation. He is also a sous-chef and canoe instructor.He loves trekking, climbing and modern art.

Maria Tzogka comes from Greece and she graduated from the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Management. She is a Tumbao instructor and she loves Latin dance and Tennis.


Katerina Syriopoulou is the volunteers’ mentor and supports them when they feel like taking to somebody about their EVS programme and life in Cyprus. Katerina has been the mentor of our EVS volunteers for the second time now and she is doing this in a voluntary basis, so we wish to thank her for her contribution and help in this project.


Italy- You-Net:http://www.you-net.eu/

Greece-OENEF: https://www.oenef.eu/

Main Activities

The volunteers will support local volunteers who are familiar with the specific local needs, such as youth leaders and young volunteers. The volunteers will gather European documentation and will produce informational material about the EVS Project. For this reason, they have created their social media pages and they will constantly keep them updated during the project.

If you are interested in finding out what they are up to, you may follow them at: their Facebook page .

We wish to welcome the 2nd generation of EVS volunteers of our offices in Limassol and wish them to have a productive, creative and amazing time during their service in our organisation. 🙂


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