2η Γενιά Εθελοντών ΚΟΚΕΝ- “Life with Meaning”

“Life with Meaning” is a European Project under the ERASMUS+ Programme celebrating the 20 years of the European Voluntary Service (EVS).

We would like to welcome our new EVS volunteers at Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation (KOKEN).

Maria Kechagioglou is 24 years old. She is from Greece and she has a background in Political Sciences and History. She is currently enhancing her skills in cultural management.

Finn Wellershaus is 18 years old and he is coming from Germany. He has an interest in Information Technology (IT) and music.

Prisca Assana is 20 years old. She is from France and she recently graduated from Economic Administration Science department. She enjoys photography.

Presentation of the Project:

Young people can always be a valuable part of an organization; especially when it comes to new ideas and practices. Through this program volunteers will have the chance to be involved with young people from urban and rural areas as well as learning more about our organization and its actions. They are going to be able to offer their knowledge and experience making a difference in our world and at the same time they will improve their personal and professional skills.

According to a psychologist of Positive Psychology, Martin Selingman, happiness has three dimensions that can be cultivated: the Pleasant Life, the Good Life, and the Meaningful Life.

  • The Pleasant Life is realised if we learn to savour and appreciate such basic pleasures as companionship, the natural environment and our bodily needs.
  • The Good Life, is achieved through discovering our unique virtues and strengths, and employing them creatively to enhance our lives.
  • Finally, the Meaningful Life, helps people to find a deep sense of fulfilment by employing our unique strengths for a purpose greater than ourselves.

The title of this project ‘Life with meaning’, is inspired from this theory as through volunteerism we do find a deeper meaning in our life and a greater purpose placing other people’s wants and needs above ourselves.

Profile of the Participants: 4 young volunteers, 2 from Greece, 1 from France and 1 from Germany

Project type: Erasmus + Key Action 1. Mobility of Young People. European Voluntary Service

Partners:             Greece – Praxis http://www.praksis.gr/en

France – Eurocircle Rhone Alpes http://www.assofenetres.com/

Germany – Eurocircle Deutschland e.V. http://www.eurocircle.de/

Main Activities:

The volunteers will support local volunteers who are familiar with the specific local needs, such as youth leaders and young volunteers. Volunteers will gather European documentation and will produce informational material about the EVS Project.

They will also support the European Projects Manager in certain tasks as communication, events, implementation of educational programs, helping youth clubs in partners search, facilitating events, promoting Erasmus+, promoting the EU values, key priorities and opportunities.
In addition, a blog will be created where the volunteers will describe their experiences and which they will be able to present and share to the local volunteers along with some information about their country and culture in the ‘thematic month’ that each volunteer from all partner countries will participate in.

Finally, they will promote Erasmus+, the European values and the key priorities of Europe 2020 to spread awareness and knowledge in the local communities.


We are happy to have them with us and we are looking forward on welcoming the 4th volunteer Konstantino Karyoti from Greece at the end of October.