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The Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation has been actively involved in the field of European Programmes the past eight years.

With the support of the European Programme “Youth in Action” and “ERASMUS+” we have implemented a variety of European projects in the form of Training Courses, Youth Exchanges, Youth Initiatives, European Voluntary Service, Structural Dialogue, Partnerships, and Cooperation with Neighboring Countries.

The main topics that we are involved are the Youth Participation, Skills Development for Youth Workers, Sex Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Refugees’ Integration, Environmental Awareness and Youth Leadership.

We have also implemented a Grundtvig Workshop under the Lifelong Learning Programme for Sharing Learning in Communities which had as a purpose on engaging people from disadvantaged communities, vulnerable social groups, and different ages to use learning for active citizenship.

On another note, we also send young people abroad to obtain new experiences and life skills.

We have created our own database of partnerships with youth organisations from different European and non- European countries and we are constantly aiming on providing the young people of Cyprus with quality projects and opportunities. 

Being a part of such projects you get to enhance your personal skills like communication, adjustment/ flexibility, presentation, teamwork, problem solving and others. Additionally, you have the opportunity to get to know new cultures, different personalities, make new friends and try new delicacies.

Here are some stories from the young people who had already had such experiences:… (stories and photos- personal testimonies).

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