Καλή χρονιά από την ομάδα εθελοντών-EVS του ΚΟΚΕΝ – Ευρωπαϊκη Εθελοντική Εργασία (EVS)


Since the EVS volunteers are in Cyprus they had the occasion to visit the island, to meet local and foreign people, to develop their own skills and so much more.
Through those activities, KOKEN gave them the opportunity to develop social, digital and communication skills while improving their self-confidence at the same time.
Some more skills have been improved during their service like photography skills for Prisca, digital skills for Finn, communication skills for Maria and some skills are even discovered as design for Kostas.
Moreover, the volunteers update a blog page (here is the link) where they describe their experiences, their activities, their adventures and which they present and share to the local volunteers along with some information about their countries and cultures.

In addition, they have two mains common projects, one is to present “the perfect youth club” through the eyes of the volunteers and to share their different outlooks, and ideas and the other project is to propose ideas of events for the perfect youth club.
After Christmas Holidays,  the volunteers were back at the office full of energy to continue their work on their projects.
The  EVS volunteers feel like that they have already received a lot from Cyprus, the people ofKOKEN and its Youth Clubs, so in order to thank us they wish to share and welcome the new year with this special calendar.
Please enjoy The Calendar.
As you may see they have decided to capture and share the beautiful moments they have had so far in Cyprus and describe their life as EVS volunteers in Cyprus.
The EVS volunteers of KOKEN wish you a happy new year with a lot of success for 2017.


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