Κάλεσμα Συμμετεχόντων- “One Day or Day One”- Ευρωπαϊκή Εθελοντική Υπηρεσία (EVS)

To “One Day or Day One” είναι ένα πρόγραμμα της Ευρωπαϊκής Εθελοντικής Υπηρεσίας που στόχο έχει τη βελτίωση των προσωπικών και επαγγελματικών δεξιοτήτων των νέων ατόμων.

Ο Κυπριακός Οργανισμός Κέντρων Νεότητας δίνει την ευκαιρία σε 3 νέους (2 από Ελλάδα και 1 από Ιταλία) ηλικίας 18- 30 ετών να συμμετέχουν σε αυτό το πρόγραμμα που θα τους δώσει βασικά εφόδια για να αναπτύξουν τόσο τις εργασιακές όσο και τις προσωπικές τους δεξιότητες.

“One Day or Day One” is a European Voluntary Service project aiming on improving the personal and professional skills of young people.

The project will take place in Limassol (Cyprus) from 20/10/2018 until 19/04//2019 by the Cyprus Youth Clubs Organization.

“One Day or Day One” is going to be an educational project clearly aiming at disseminating certain skills and awareness about Youth Work among the members of the Youth Clubs. This project is expected to play an important role in the dissemination of the European values among the youth of Cyprus.

The volunteers will support the administrative tasks of the organisation. and the Youth Workers’ projects and the local volunteers whenever is needed. They will create their own project ideas and implement them in cooperation with their coordinator (workshops, material production, etc). They will also disseminate the results and activities of the project with creative ways using the social media and not only.

At the end of their service they will receive a Youthpass certificate and recommendation letter(s).

The partners in this project are: PRAXIS  (Greece)

European Youth Mobility NGO (Italy)

Profile of the participants: We are looking for creative, multitasking young people who love youth work and volunteerism.

Group age: 18 – 30

Number of participants: 3 people (1 from Italy and 2 from Greece)

Place: Cyprus

Dates and duration: 6 months, middle of October 2018 to middle of April 2019


Contact person: Theognosia Petrou

Address: P.O Box 28536, 2080 Nicosia, Cyprus

E – mail: projects@cyprusyouth.org

Tel.: +357 22323260 Fax: +357 22321979


Financial Aspects: Food and accomodation are FREE. A monthly allowance of 110 euros will be given to the volunteers.

Travel cost: We will cover the travel cost according to the rules of the programme.

Safety & Insurance: Will also be covered by the organisation.

You may find more information in the info pack.

How to participate: Send your CV and a motivation letter at projects@cyprusyouth.org with the subject: «EVS in Cyprus” until the 12th of September.


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